“Restart” by Xavier Bernazard

Punk is not dead, you’ve heard that phrase time and time again and when you hear an artist such as Xavier Bernazard you’ll see why that phrase rings true. Dallas, TX queer punk artist and vocalist Xavier is a making a difference with his music, with the help Nathan McCord who produces, mixes and the engineer, Xavier is able to get his music out to the world. Xavier also has Nathans help as the drummer, Alex Hodge on bass and guitarist Fox DeVaughn.

“Restart” is the second single from his upcoming album “Balloons For My Funeral”, between this release and “Enemy”, it’s bound to be a great album. “Restart” is a relatable song, it’s on the slower side and more nostalgic, the track is speaking on the difficulty of life and the want to just start over.

The feeling of being brand new is something that a lot of people wish to achieve but going back to the beginning isn’t always easy or possible. Xavier is making you feel less alone with “Restart”, it’s no surprise that this will also become a hit.

The range of each of his tracks is what makes him lovable as an artist, “Restart” touches on many emotions and helps you release any sadness or anger that you may have been holding onto. Xavier is someone to keep and eye on and the same can be said for his upcoming album.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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