“Day is Done” by The Mars McClanes

The Mars McClanes teaches us to embrace our youth and naiveness in their latest single “Day is Done.” No one truly wants to be lonely, even the lonely ones. But that doesn’t mean rushing into love is the answer. Sometimes regret follows. Instead, listen to “Day is Done,” live your life, have fun, make mistakes, and be young. Love will eventually find you, and the wait will have been worth it.

American band The Mars MacClanes released their empowering track “Day is Done,” loaded with simplistic yet flavorful beats and colorful harmonies. The atmospheric guitars add a sweet touch to the track.

Upon arriving at the chorus, the song gets more grip but nothing overbearing. 

“After all of this time, beautiful distraction, you became my destination.”

The lyrics do not fail to bring a powerful romantic touch to the song, they’re honest and real. And it’s brilliant that the instruments (the guitars, harmonies, leading vocals) all complement the romantic nature of the lyrics.

The Mars McClanes deserve a standing ovation for adding dynamics to every aspect of the song because each part of the song has a different sound from the others. That doesn’t mean that the entire song sounds off, but the band steered clear from sounding monotone, which is what a lot of music today is sounding like. 

The Mars McClanes is an incredible band with a great sound and phenomenal potential to grow into the next Parachute band or OneRepublic. We’re excited to see where they head next.

Written by Taylor Berry

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