“Reason” by Galaxy Thief

Southampton-based band Galaxy Thief released their summer-kissed record, “Reason.” Not only does the single tells the tale of romance, but it also sets the right tone of summer with it’s lively vocals and tasty instrumental presence. 

We’re first introduced to lead singer Rhys Messenger’s voice that contains so much power and control. Messenger effortlessly displays his vocal capabilities while conveying the story beautifully. 
Watch out for lead guitarist George Bowerman and shout out to him for killing it with the guitar riffs. It was wonderful hearing the amazing blend but getting a hint of Bowerman playing against the others, which shows just how in-tune they are. 
Galaxy Thief is a solid band with an incredible sound. “Reason” is the perfect tune for the summer, especially with it’s immaculate summer sound and strong presence. This new single shows just how much they want to be in-tune with their audience. Knowing it’s summer, they break into the summer with this energetic and alluring track that gets you amped up for a season of happiness, relaxation, love, second chances, etc.
While the four-pie e band is considered emerging, they’re most definitely going to go somewhere based on “Reason” and their other big tracks like “Timewaster,” “Lucia,” and “Better.” They’ve been making music for quite sometime and it’s evident they don’t have plans for stopping. 
“Reason” is suck an electrifying song and a sliver of proof that the band is incredibly talented. We look forward to seeing how far they go on their journey in the music business. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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