“Run Candyman, Run” by Mellofellow

It’s always nice when you come across a one man band, you can appreciate the hard work that goes into being a solo artist. Will Homan is no stranger to this hard work, he is the man behind Mellofellow, this all started off as a side project for him and now it’s taken off in new directions. “Run Candyman, Run” is the first single from Mellofellow this year, will it live up to your satisfaction?

Of course it will, this may be the first release in two years but that doesn’t mean he’s lost his pizazz . “Run Candyman, Run” is his version of a nursery rhyme but with a psych rock twist, it’s a nonsense poem about a trickster who likes to prank other children just for the hell of it.

This latest single from the Australian artist is one to remember, this fun yet dark track will make a walk at night seem spookier than it should be. “Run Candyman, Run” is not only giving you the vibes of being under a dim street light, it’s also a catchy song that’ll be stuck in your head for hours after listening to it.

Mellofellow is an artist that will make you want to dig into more of his music and just vibe out to him, it’s easy for Mellofellow to fasttrack himself to the top of your favorites list, you won’t regret running from the candyman.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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