“PATIENCE WAY” by Arrays

You’re halfway through 2022 and you don’t know who Arrays is, clearly you’ve been living with Patrick Star under a rock. JP Carroll is the man and the mind behind Arrays, this producer and multi talented musician has now created his third album “PATIENCE WAY”. JP is one of those artists who truly does things on his own, this latest album was recorded and produced all by him.

This album is true to a classic hard rock/metal sound and that immediately hits you in the face when you play the first single on the track ” Pictures”. The track isn’t so heavy to where you want to mosh pit but maybe just do an extreme head bang.

That quickly changed as you head over to the next track which also the second release for this album, after the timid intro Arrays gives you plenty of room to let loose and be free. This track is about trying to recover from the pandemic which a lot of people are still doing, so the aggression of this track is perfect to get it all out.

As you’re halfway through the album you get a slower yet still fast paced track from Arrays, “Obsidian Oceans” and and even slower track with “Glass Traps”. This allows your brain and body to slow down for a minute and just let everything marinate, Arrays is showcasing all of his different talents.

He takes you back to a pace that will make you heart pump faster and you neck almost break from head banging with “Stuck”. The screams in this track smack you in the face but the kind of smack you need to get your day going, “Stuck” will replace your need for caffeine.

The adrenaline keeps going as you push through the album, “Faithless” and “Black Sheep” finish things off on a good note. “PATIENCE WAY” is a great introduction to Arrays or a great reminder on how kick ass the music he produces is.

After you listen to the album, you can’t help but to admire Arrays more, being a solo artist and producing an album such as this is impossible yet JP was able to do it. “PATIENCE WAY” is the album you have to hear, it’ll get you through so many emotions, you’ll regret not taking a listen.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Chris Morgan


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