“Zerotime” by MDK FLA

A lot happened in 2020, one of those things being that people started to learn new things and discover more of themselves. Matthew Cobis aka MDK FLA is one of those people, in 2021 at the age of 42 he decided to learn music…literally learn, he had zero experience and taught himself what he knows now in just one year. He has been extremely busy, he’s already released 5 album including one of this latest ones “Zerotime”

It’s amazing how much attention he is already receiving, having been new to all of this but once you click play on “Alejandro” you’ll understand why. It’s instantly aggressive, in your face and cathartic, it’s exactly the punch you need to get your day going. The track is unique but yet has a familiar sense to it, it makes you curious to see how the rest of the album will go.

As you get down deeper into “Zerotime”, you’ll reach the self titled track, it has all the synths that you could ask for. This industrial like song makes you feel like you’re in a cyberpunk movie that’s centered around you, it’s fast paced and keeps your heart moving.

MDK FLA is proving himself quickly in the industry and it’s easy to see why, when an artist makes music that is enticing, you can’t help but to fall into that trance. It’s almost as if his music is hypnotizing you.This is what he produces with a year of knowledge, it’s almost exciting to think about what he will make when he has more experience.

*cue maniacal laugh*

Get ready to have your face melt halfway off, “Glutton of Kyiv” is a metal track that seems futuristic and makes you feel like you’re watching the most intense fight scene of your life. Caffeine is not needed after listening to “Zerotime”, it will give you all the energy you need.

Sadly the album is coming but an end but the fact that he’s released 5 albums in a year makes you hopeful that he’ll keep up that pattern. MDK FLA should easily have risen on the list of being a favorite artist, he’s given you plenty of music to choose from.

MDK FLA..a name you will soon know.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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