“CircleWalk” by Sano Hill

Ireland’s very own Sano Hill has been popping into everyone’s head lately, with only two single releases he has managed to procure over 65,000 listens. This latest release of CircleWalk is sure to be another hit, when someone makes music that is memorable it’s hard to not want to know more of them and to play there music over and over.

Sano’s songs are inspired by life, love and loss, something everyone will experience or has experienced. The ability to tap into this is what makes his songs so amazing, “CircleWalk is a bit darker than the previous releases but it shows you a different and more vulnerable side of him.

This classic rock sound quickly brings you in with the lyrics, they’re automatically relatable. Even though the lyrics are a bit on the more emotional end it still makes you want to get up and dance, you can feel the emotions deep in your body. It’s a bit of a cathartic track that makes you feel at ease, knowing that someone can relate you makes you feel less alone.

“CircleWalk” is four minutes of pure, raw emotion, it’s a track that is made for anyone to enjoy. There’s no limitations to who can love the track, even if you haven’t been in love you can feel the pain of Sano Hill. “CircleWalk” will keep you from walking those circles in your head. Sano Hill, a name that you will never forget.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: EL Putnam





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