“Eleven” by Vomit Baby

When most people hear Eleven they think of Stranger Things, not anymore, now that Vomit Baby is on the scene they will change how you view that name. The three piece behind the band consists of guitarist and lead vocalist Tyler Sanis, Kurt Fry is the drummer and the bassist is Charlie Hood. This newly formed band had help with the producing and mastering of this track, that help came from Dax Liniere. Dax works at Puzzle Factory Studios, he helped Tyler mix and produce the final master.

This rock trio from the UK is coming onto the scene with a hard hitting track that will make your brain melt, “Eleven”. It’s a genre blending track that fuses rock, punk and grunge and the result is a song that you can guarantee will start the party. Grab your friends, grab a drink and aim to remember the night in pieces.

They want you to have fun with your friends, “Eleven” is your excuse to go out and be responsibly irresponsible. This five minute track was a great was for Vomit Baby to introduce themselves to you, but with a name like Vomit Baby you’d expect nothing less.

It won’t be long before Vomit Baby is your favorite band, keep blasting “Eleven” while you wait for the next release. They didn’t disappoint you the first time and it’s unlikely they’ll disappoint you next time, sweet dream and don’t forget to take care of your Vomit Baby.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Sam Hopper, Jake Bailey





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