“Tornado Road” by Cities in Dust

Cities in Dust is a band that is new to the scene and they are ready to make their impact on the world. This UK indie pop band is a line up of four people who are eager to share to you what they have to offer, vocalist Ady Baker is joined by drummer Leo Brown, Jim Dorney who plays the bass and shares the guitar role with Billy ‘Smile’ Imrie. Their latest single is “Tornado Road” which was recorded, mastered, and mixed at Whitehouse Studios in Reading.

Starting off a bit broody, “Tornado Road” takes a quick turn and becomes upbeat and makes you want to dance a bit. This track is about overcoming the unattainable, taking off the mask we put on to hide from the challenges that occur in your life. It won’t be long before the catchiness of “Tornado Road” is rubbing off on you and you’re singing it all over the house. Cities in Dust is fun band that is giving you light music but with deep and meaningful lyrics.

Keep an eye on Cities in Dust, they’re going to quickly rise up and it won’t be a shock. These talented musicians are making music for anyone to relate to and enjoy, they music they provide is addicting and loving. Cities in Dust…giving you a safe space with their music.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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