‘Acceptance’ by Ireq Savage

Ireq Savage is at it again with another banger with his single ‘Acceptance.’ This single came just before his collaborative EP ‘Energy Basin’ with JCPinthecut, and it proves that he can bring his dynamic style into creations with others and on his own. Ireq Savage is a power artist and producer who’s able to produce an eclectic range of tracks at a quick pace.

‘Acceptance’ works with nice bright and bouncy synths and fire bars. There’s a little bit of a lo-fi vibe in the instrumentation, though the vocal lines delivered are crisp and clear. Ireq has impeccable flow in this track, weaving diverse lines into the instrumentation.  The higher synths serve as a catchy hook to bounce to, and the 808s are used to give a bit of a harder sound and flow. This track is well-crafted, and you definitely don’t want to miss it. Ireq’s production in ‘Acceptance’ stands out and really lends to the clarity and hits of his vocal flow.

Ireq notes this track as being about, “knowing yourself and being okay with being you. People have to meet you where you’re at and not where they want you to be.” This is so true, you know? None of us are our perfect self all the time, and there are people in life who only like you for the best of you. The real ones are those who are there for you no matter what’s going on in your life. In the lyrics, it’s stated that ‘I let them know anyone is welcome / just as long as they decide to be themselves.’ The overall message of this is amazing, be yourself no matter where you’re at, and the important people are the ones who care no matter where you’re at.

Ireq Savage is a prolific rapper based in Orlando Florida who’s known for his ability to release amazing singles and EPs at a rapid rate. This rapper adapts a variety of tones and sounds into his discography, so each single is fresh and new. He also frequently collaborates with others to spice up his sound even more. If you’re looking for a variety of bangers, deep-cuts, and tracks with unique instrumentation, Ireq Savage should be the next artist on your radar.

Written by Sage Plapp




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