‘Today is Nearly Yesterday’ by Ben Konarov

Life is fleeting. Everything is fast, and it seems to be getting faster and faster. It’s easy to get lost in that and forget the importance of living your best life. Life is here to be lived to its fullest, and we’re able to live it how we choose. We need to do whatever makes us happy whether that be climbing a mountain or going out with our loved ones. The importance of life is well captured in lyricist Ben Konarov’s latest collaborative single, ‘Today is Nearly Yesterday.’

‘Today is Nearly Yesterday’ is a nicely nostalgic rock track in both music and production. There’s something about the way that the production makes the music seem to phase up and down, which does a great job at pulling you into its atmosphere. There’s a softness in much of this track that gives it a cool flow with a good bounce. Though the drums start with a simple drumset, they end up divulging into a basis of more claps, shakers, and bells. This adds so much life to the musicianship and makes it captivating to listen through. The instrumental bridge of this song brings in tons of full darker tones and finds a way to resound into your soul. This track is wonderfully crafted, and it deserves more than a few listens.

The title of this track also serves as the main lyrical hook which the message of the song is built around, ‘Today is Nearly Yesterday.’ Ben Konarov wrote this track to encourage listeners to live their best life. Life is fleeting, and tomorrow is coming faster each minute. That’s why we need to take this time to live our life the best way it can be. Life is a struggle for most people right now, but this track calls upon the beauty to be found in life. We’re here, so it’s important to enjoy things and do things that make us happy while we can. Today might be yesterday soon, but it isn’t quite yet. So get out there and live your life!

Ben Konarov is an Australia-based lyricist who has been working magic as a wordsmith since 2002. The creation of ‘Today is Nearly Yesterday’ had the benefit of composer and producer Gary Cubberley, vocalist Alan Mueller, and the band Songbayteam. This track is such a lovely source of collaboration. Each song on Ben’s Spotify discography has its own unique sound, and different artists come in to spice up that uniqueness. Ben Konarov is a phenomenal writer who deserves so much praise for the stories he tells.

Written by Sage Plapp




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