‘The Baton’ by To Hell With Tradition

There’s so much going on in the world that everything can feel out of control, even the things in our own lives. But there is control to be taken. Things happen all the time that can’t be controlled, but what can be controlled is how we internally respond to them. If we’re more patient with ourselves and realistic about what we blame ourselves for, life becomes more manageable. Controlling what’s on the inside is a wonderful concept that can be found within To Hell With Tradition’s latest single ‘The Baton.’

‘The Baton’ has a bit of a lo-fi nostalgic sound in its synthy production. The quick-placed hits work well with the more drawn-out vocals, which keeps it exciting while shining a light on the cohesive lyricism. There’s so much color and life charged into the chorus, as the instrumentation fills its atmosphere with brighter synths that bounce along flawlessly. There’s something so succinct about the overall production of this track, and the instrumentals serve as a perfect background for the full baritone vocals.

‘The Baton’ is the second single release from To Hell With Tradition’s upcoming concept album ‘Blurred.’ It serves as a part of an overall story that explores internal conflict through a flowing dialogue between two inner parts. There’s so much going on in everyone’s life. We can’t control what’s on the outside, but we can control what’s on the inside. That means that we can control how we take in the world around us. When something bad happens, we can’t control that thing. But we can control how we let ourselves move forward and grow from that. This track seems to explore this idea with a sense of fight or flight. You can try to run from everything happening, or you can push through it and grow along the way.

To Hell With Tradition, or Achim Hofmeyer, is a conceptual music artist based in Heidelberg, Germany. This artist is working to break the current mold of the music industry by making albums with full concepts rather than churning out single after single. Having lived a life filled with external expectations, Achim turned to his internal to create his music due to existential conflict. ‘The Baton’ is a piece off of Achim’s latest album ‘Blurred.’ This album is going to explore an inner discourse and dialogue through divided lyrical concepts. 

Written by Sage Plapp





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