Artist Interview: “Bread & Butter” by Alex Kinsey & iLana Armida

Q: I love the modern disco/pop vibes to this track! I feel like it’s not a type of genre that I hear often. I’m interested to know who both of your biggest musical influences are?

Alex: I definitely pull a lot of inspiration from my early interests in music… The Beatles, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Nickel Creek… but the longer I’m alive, the more there is to be inspired by. Lately, it is Vulfpeck, Earthgang, Silk-sonic.  That being said, funk and disco have always been some of my absolute favorite genres, I think its because I can actually dance when it comes on… I’m not very good at dancing usually.

iLana: I grew up listening to a lot of r&b, Motown and funk because it is what my parents played around the house. Being a 90s baby, I fell in love with performers like Janet Jackson, and Justin Timberlake. I currently love listening to Victoria Monet, Silk Sonic, and I still love Justin. 🙂 

Q: Your voices go together so flawlessly! Can you guys walk me through the creative process in making “Bread & Butter”?

iLana: Thank you! We never thought we would put both of our vocals on a song together because we are such different artists but while we were in the studio creating this one we both were coming up with melodies that just worked together. It came together so quickly. 

Alex: Yeah, it just sort of flowed out of us, and all of a sudden we had a song that neither of us were willing to not be a part of.

Q: From listening to the track, I’m assuming “Bread & Butter” is about another person, a girl in specific, but I could be totally wrong. What was your inspiration behind this track? 

iLana: I love that is what you take from it. Bread & Butter is open to interpretation. 

Alex: Bread & Butter is about funk, Bread & Butter is about groove, Bread and Butter is about being a little stoned and havin’ the munchies.

Q: Alex, starting your musical journey in a duo, I’m curious about how going back to a duet was for you?

Alex: Ya know? it’s funny… so far every iteration of me being an artist has included some version of a male/female duet. A&S obviously, then with BoTalks we got to feature some amazing female artists. We had songs with Sarah Hyland, The Strandels, Laura Marano, Carol Ades (Caroline Pennel)… So I’ve always tended to lean toward making music with multiple voices. I think it has to do with harmonies, I LOVE harmonies, I think they can make a good song great and a great song transcendental.

Q: ilana, I read that you grew up in musical theater. How did that type of performing help you as an artist today?

iLana: Yes, I have always been a theatre nerd. Musical theatre was what really made me fall in love with performing on stage. It was my creative outlet for a longtime until I started writing original music.

Q: If you could collaborate with any musician (dead or alive), who would it be?

Alex: I think mine would have to be Paul McCartney, unless I can say the Beatles as an entity. But after watching that “Get Back” documentary, I really think Paul and I would vibe well in the studio. 

iLana: Justin Timberlake 

Q: Walk us through your writing and production process in making “Bread & Butter.”

Alex: B&B came super naturally to us. Our producer (Eric Straube) had a version of the track on a hard drive and played it for us. We immediately loved it and started writing to it. It was honestly a pretty quick session, sometimes when the groove makes ya move just right, there’s nothing you can do but write. 

Q: Loving the silky smooth music you guys create together! Can fans expect more collaborations from you two in the future?

Alex: For sure, this isn’t even our final form. 

iLana: Yeah maybe probably

Interviewed by Melissa Cusano


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