“Here We Go” by Lethia’s Natorium

Lethia’s Natorium…..a name that may be new to you but it won’t be long before everyone knows the name. Pena is the founder of Lethia’s Natorium and also the singer/songwriter, she is accompanied by multiple session musicians so sometimes the line up may change. For this third single “Here We Go” Pena did vocals and lyrics, Karl Thompson was the drummer, she also had help from “unofficial band member” Josh Elliot who provided the guitar and bass. Josh is the owner of JGE Studios in Dorset, they also had help from producer Max Read at the Lodge Recording Studios.

Women in music are rising and showing why they belong in music just like anyone else. Vocally, Pena instantly brings you in, the unique voice will make you want to party. The nostalgic sound of “Here We Go” makes you get out of your head and onto the dance floor, Pena has a way of hypnotizing you with her sound.

“Here We Go” has received over 5,000 listens and it’s clear why, Lethia’s Natorium will your new favorite group. Seeing a live show from them must be fun, when the day comes you’re not going to want to miss out. Pena aimed for this song to be uplifting and infectious and infectious it is, this was written after an adrenaline high from rides at a theme park. You can feel the energy and excitement in this track.

Lethia’s Natorium is proving that lead female vocals belong in rock music, “Here We Go” is just the beginning of where they can go in this industry.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Veritesque Productions




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