“AFUA” by tdotostudios

Theo Davis also known as tdotstudios may be a name you’re quite familiar with but if not no worries, this article will give you the details you need. Theo and Azonto helped each other pave the way for UK afrobeats, Theo is a silver-award winning producer and doctor and he is here to share his first single with you, “AFUA”. During the day Theo is a doctor based in the UK and at night thats where he shines even further. This producer spends many years crafting his musical skills and although it’s clear he is extremely busy that hasn’t stopped him from landing on UK Top 30 .

Across the world Friday can be seen as a day that everyone looks forward too, but in Ghana that has a different meaning. The release of “AFUA” is that latest from todotostudios and in Ghana if you’re a female named Afua then that means “born on Friday”. Afro beats coming to the UK is a huge deal and it’s something you don’t want to miss out on, this dancey track will instantly get you up and out of your seat.

There’s also the chill and relaxing side of “AFUA”, this side makes you want to get out of your mind and forget about any worries you may have. It’s a track that doesn’t overwhelm you yet brings you in, it’ll be no surprise if this song also makes top of the charts. Tdotostudios will end up being the track you play to start your day and to finish your night, don’t be late to the “AFUA” party.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits:Troy Twumasi (tkartt) & Jono Bond





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