“Intrinsic” by akilbeatsdenver

Emerging from Commerce City comes solo artist akilbeatsdenver, he is here to spread the word that music is medicine. One way he has been doing that is being releasing his first album “Intrinsic”, everything on the album was done by himself. Akilbeatsdenver had the clever idea to name each song after a vitamin, he wants to reinforce the music’s intention, he wants you thinking about overall well being and health.

Most of you may take these vitamins daily and some of you have may never even heard of them. Lucky for you, akil is here to help you through this, “Vitamin A” starts the album “Intrinsic” off. It is a soothing slow track that helps soothe your mind, vitamin A helps reproduction, and growth and development and it seems that is exactly what is happening throughout the track.

Who says you need health insurance? Why pay for that when “Intrinsic” can solve majority if not all of your problems. As you move forward, you will notice that the songs are very relaxing and help you open your mind, it takes your brain to a new level. This hour long album is exactly what the doctor subscribed.

As you go deeper and end up with “Vitamin D” you’ll get a more hip hop vibe mixed with a bit of lofi. It’s weirdly trippy and calming at the same time, you’ll see a journey play out in your head. You’ll see yourself wondering which path to take and you’ll start to understand that there is no wrong path.

Are you ready to figure out which path you are going to take? “Magnesium” is the next medication for you take, it promotes energy production. This low tone, cloud floating song makes you feel like you’re on drugs but it’s just the natural high you unknowingly receive from listening to akilbeatsdenver.

After the twenty tracks have ended, you’ll feel a sense of relief, like you’ve been in a therapy session…except this was free. You’ll be thanking akilbeatsdenver for providing you with a safe space to be yourself and to let out all the emotions you’ve been holding in. You don’t want to be the only one to know “Intrinsic”.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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