“Rabbit Holes” by Blair West

“Rabbit Holes” by Blair West is the picture of classic, effective songwriting. The chords aren’t overcomplicated. The lyrics are literal but powerful. The production and arrangement are complementary. Everything about this song feels serendipitous. You don’t have to think too hard about anything to appreciate it–just sit back and enjoy the ride.

First and foremost, Blair West’s vocals are gorgeous. She has this thin, breathy tone that carries a profound and powerful femininity. Throughout the song, they’re doubled for warmth and drenched in organic reverb. Behind her voice, an acoustic guitar plucks out some arpeggios, giving the song that prime singer-songwriter sound. The instrumentation actually doesn’t consist of much more than this, but the occasionally added textures do have a huge effect. There’s one instance in particular where a distorted electric guitar swells in and out swiftly, drawing the listener’s attention away from the vocals for a brief moment. It’s a perfect way to keep people engaged, and although it was subtle, it served the song well.

Lyrically, this song succeeds in finding a unique, poetic way of describing love. Everything Blair lists about the subject of her adoration feels genuine, and also manages to avoid cliches. Her use of “rabbit holes” as a theme vivifies this person as someone with loveable idiosyncrasies and striking, impromptu ideas. Combined with the pureness of the musical content, it makes for a meaningful experience.

If you’re in the mood for a good love song, you couldn’t do better than “Rabbit Holes” by Blair West. Be sure to add it to your fall playlist!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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