“Vision” by IDN

IDN is the musical project of LA based Iranian-American Iden Mozafari. Taking “genre-bending” to a new level, IDN has produced music that ranges from psychedelic

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“Rabbit Holes” by Blair West

“Rabbit Holes” by Blair West is the picture of classic, effective songwriting. The chords aren’t overcomplicated. The lyrics are literal but powerful. The production and

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“A Mindless Move” by Mauger

“A Mindless Move” by Mauger is one of those perfect, gentle, tear-jerking indie songs. Everything about it encapsulates a meek sort of melancholy–not something dramatic–not

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“Scream” by Hazel

Singer-songwriter Hazel has a new hard-hitting track, “Scream,” the ultimate company for those hard days. “Scream” is a song that, unfortunately, anyone can relate to:

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