IDN is the musical project of LA based Iranian-American Iden Mozafari. Taking “genre-bending” to a new level, IDN has produced music that ranges from psychedelic to electronic to R&B and beyond. Even just within their last album “Kaleidoscope” you’ll hear a shockingly diverse array of styles and sounds. The artist describes their album as an “alt pop queer punk dub r&b industrial grunge psychedelic soul fantasy.” That’s a lot of adjectives!

Indeed, even within just the 6 minutes of IDN’s latest single “Vision,” there is an eclectic range of styles to be discovered. The track opens with smooth and silky vocals in R&B style, but with a slightly dissonant electronic soundscape in the background. IDN writes that “‘Vision’ melts and transforms into an uptempo UK Garage Pop track.” As promised, the track quickly diverges from its beginning soundscape and then remains constantly moving, in flux, to its end. Throughout the track there is a vocal refrain that repeats, “My vision, my illusion, let me see you.” Perhaps there’s a love story to be found here, or maybe it’s about a trip on psychedelics. Maybe neither— “Vision” is a piece of art that can’t quite be pinned down, and that’s its appeal. 

Of course, this track more than any other would be incomplete without an accompanying video (IDN calls it an Audio Visualizer). In the center of the video’s frame there’s a circle with “IDN” in 70s-looking psychedelic font which pulses in and out like a subwoofer. Around it, colors and geometric forms morph and change with the music. It’s definitely mesmerizing, and perfectly matches the track’s vibe. 

“Vision” has something for everyone and is definitely worth checking out, along with IDN’s other releases!

Written by Maya Merberg




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