Singer-songwriter Hazel has a new hard-hitting track, “Scream,” the ultimate company for those hard days. “Scream” is a song that, unfortunately, anyone can relate to: feelings of rejection, sadness, and feeling misunderstood by those around you. Hazel digs deep into this dreamy pop track that, although has feelings of helplessness, is a way for Hazel and the listener to cry and let out all the built-up anger and frustration. “Scream,” in a way, is a scream for help in a beautiful form of art. 

UK’s Hazel is a rising artist who grew up with multiple influences from music, art, and culture. Growing up in Switzerland with a Turkish father and a Danish mother, Hazel hopes to highlight the diversity of her life and childhood in her music, which “Scream” flawlessly encapsulates. “Scream” is a genre-fusing track with dark pop, synth pop, and rock elements, allowing Hazel to showcase her multi-dimensional talent. “Scream” highlights that it is okay not to be okay, and there’s nothing wrong with feeling these intense emotions.

“Scream” begins with Hazel’s low-toned, angelic voice, discussing emotions of not being accepted and feeling alone, even in a group of people. These subjects, although universal, are sometimes taboo. It’s a beautiful thing that Hazel touches on these subjects in a way that makes listeners know they’re not alone.

Cry, yell, and let out all your emotions with Hazel in “Scream,” available now on all major music streaming platforms. 

Photo credits: Daniela Tudos

Written by Melissa Cusano


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