Artist Interview: “Forevermore” by VAN ELST

Q: I’m curious about your musical journey. Do you remember when you first fell in love with music and was your family musical growing up?

VAN ELST: My parents aren’t musicians themselves but were into bands such as Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles and The Rolling Stones, which made me listen to more alternative rock bands growing up. I’d say my real love for music was set alight when I had my first drum lessons at the age of 12. After seeing my friend’s older brother drumkit I asked my parents if I could attend weekly lessons at the local music school. The moment I hit the toms I was hypnotized by the way they sounded, instantly igniting my dreams of becoming a musician.

Q: If you could take only three albums with you on a stranded island, which three albums would be?

VAN ELST:: Entity by Oscar and the Wolf, Mezmerize by System of a Down & Roltrap naar de Maan by Klein Orkest

Q: I read about the inspiration behind “Forevermore,” which is intriguing. The thought of forever being bounded with the one you love, the almost naive belief that nothing can rip you apart, and the anxiety that comes from that as well. What do you hope listeners take from this track?

VAN ELST: I hope they can connect and get in touch with their own feelings while listening to the song. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be the same meaning as I feel towards the song but in the end I hope for the soundwaves to have an emotionally soothing effect. I’d imagine my song to be like an intimate immersive experience and function as some sort of therapeutic form of feeling embraced and accepting whatever emotions surface to the listener in that exact moment.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice about the music industry you’ve received, and how has it helped you navigate through your journey?

VAN ELST: To keep doing what you believe in and don’t be affected to much by other people’s opinions. Of course it’s important to be open to critical feedback but people’s opinions are also subjective and often doing something against the ordinary will result in something more interesting and truthful in the long run.

Q: Tell everyone what’s coming up next for you! Are any shows, tours, or new projects in the works?

VAN ELST: Currently I am in the process of mixing another single which should come out before the new year. Besides that, I have created a music video accompanying ‘Forevermore’ which will be out on my youtube channel in the weeks to come. Shows wise I haven’t booked any new dates yet but hope to be playing around Europe early 2023.

Photo credits: https://www.instagram.com/annagutmacher/

Interviewed by Melissa Cusano








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