“Feedback” by The Margaret Hooligans

If you’re here, you know why. It’s because your obsession with The Margaret Hooligans is growing stronger and stronger. “Feedback” is the latest and last release from the duo, this will be featured on their upcoming album “Turntable Tribulations”. The Oct 21st release is much anticipated, with each release they get better and better, they will never disappoint.

The dynamic duo of ukulele and drums is something you didn’t know you needed in your life, the two took this magic and created “Feedback”, a song about opinion overload and questioning the purpose of oversharing in this crazy digital age. They say it’s an energetic anthem for the introvert who finds online socializing just as stressful as in person interactions.

When you hear “Feedback” you instantly smile, you get this nostalgic feeling as if you’ve grown up with this band. The two of them pack a punch and it feels like you’re at a live concert, you can’t stop yourself from dancing and just letting loose. “Feedback” is made for the quiet ones who want to be heard.

If you’re tired of everyone telling you their opinion when you were simply just trying to converse then this is your song. If you’re tired of people in general then “Feedback” is for you. If you like existing then “Feedback” is for you. “Feedback” is your song, if you’re here reading about The Margaret Hooligans then you already know “Feedback” is for you. Don’t be the only one to miss out

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Melissa Nannen




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