“IDGAF” by Jonathan Shapiro

Up-and-coming rap/r&b artist Jonathan Shapiro is back with his new song about love, heartbreak, and moving on. “IDGAF” goes into Jonathan’s (AKA J Shap) point of view and stages of grieving a relationship that wasn’t good for anyone involved. An infectious beat consisting of strumming guitars, hard-hitting bass, and J Shap’s clever, blunt lyrics make “IDGAF” the ultimate breakup anthem. Fans of exhilarating music that is guaranteed to get you in your feels won’t get enough of “IDGAF” and J Shap’s impeccable vocals. 

Jonathan Shapiro, AKA J Shap, is a multi-talented artist responsible for lyrics, vocals, and guitar for all his music. Currently residing in Binghamton, New York, the young artist is just at the beginning of his journey. While his most notable gig as of now is playing at Waterstreet Music Hall in Rochester, New York, J Shap will only to go further up in the music industry. The artist’s determination and already distinct sound showcase his driven talent that will take him far. 

“IDGAF” starts with a captivating beat consisting of soft-strumming guitars. J Shap’s vocals begin soft as well, but as he gets angrier at the person he is singing to, his vocals get louder and more powerful, along with the instrumental. J Shap effortlessly switches from rapping to singing throughout the track, highlighting his multi-dimensional artistry. As the chorus arrives, J Shap’s vocals begin to almost shout in his near-flawless cry-like vocals; the listener can hear the pain in his voice, which is so unique and something remarkable that isn’t heard much in music today. 

Do yourself a favor and take a listen to “IDGAF” and Jonathan Shaprio’s other music today; you won’t regret it!

Photo credits: Jonathan Shapiro

Written by Melissa Cusano




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