“Don’t Date Me” by Ellie Moon

“Don’t Date Me” by Ellie Moon is utterly delightful. The musical content is sweet–even a bit twinkly, and the lyrics come across as cheekily discourteous. Injected with catchiness, soft, intimately performed vocals, and vibrant instrumentation, Ellie Moon leaves nothing to criticize.

The song begins as the bass casually outlines a familiar and beloved chord progression. A distant, “Hi” is heard in the background just before the lyrics kick in: “Soz for being M.I.A, had a weird weekend.” Ellie’s voice showcases some inherent natural talent already, as her accent elegantly peeks through the words. There’s something so relatable and pleasant about hearing the idiosyncrasies in pronunciation in someone’s singing. It allows the listener to feel as if they’re being spoken to. Not to mention, she has a warm tone and a lovely sense of pitch.

Throughout this first verse, the drums and bass play off of each other to great effect. When the chorus pops in, high-pitched harmonies float atop a lone, deep synth. As the drums come back in we’re gifted with chord swells, gentle piano motifs, and an overall delectable groove. The thing that is so satisfying about this track is its ability to come across as a pop song without anything garish or corny. The sound design is brilliantly simple, yet it feels masterful and entertaining.

If you’re looking for something that feels simultaneously cool and pleasurable, you couldn’t go wrong with “Don’t Date Me.” Ellie Moon emanates flair, technique, and effortless coolness. The subtle genius of this song is that you don’t have to think about it too hard to appreciate it.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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