“In The Face Of All We Know” by Midwave Breaks

“In The Face Of All We Know” by Midwave Breaks is a gloriously climactic, Foo Fighters-esque alternative rock track. It’s classic in many ways, with instrumentation that’s veritably “rock,” and chord/melody combinations that have stood the test of time for their effectiveness. The vocalist himself has the rasp and power necessary to inject the song with ample grit, emotion, and strength. There’s a lot to unpack about why this track works–but in short form, it just does.

The song begins with a bright, crunchy guitar riff and a bit-crushed drum groove. The singer suddenly cries, “I never lied as a young boy, / I was just trying to do good.” His tone straddles the line between warm and piercing, with the perfect amount of strain. As the verse comes to a conclusion we receive a few small indications of a build, like the entrance of bass and a bittersweet, non-diatonic chord change. And just like that, in the second verse, the drums become clearer and busier, and the vocals push through higher-pitched melodies.

The chorus comes in full force, with a wash of distorted guitar chords and a casual, concise recitation of the hook. It’s catchy. It’s exciting. It’s brilliant. This song uses this perfect, model dynamic arc to its greatest effect. They’ve built the instrumentation slowly to inject the chorus with the most sound, energy, and feeling.

There’s no reason not to give this track a listen if you are or have ever been a fan of rock music. It’s pretty universally fantastic in terms of production, lyricism, and songwriting. Make sure you give Midwave Breaks a listen and a follow!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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