“She Always Ruins A Good Time” by Nothing But A Nightmare

What makes “She Always Ruins a Good Time” stand out from other pop-punk revival songs is the vocalist. Upon first listen, you’ll be too busy marveling at the impeccable range, power, and conviction contained in the vocals to notice much else–but you’ll find yourself coming back for the unbridled decadence of this full, heavy, melodious rock track.

It opens with a pleasant, serene guitar riff. Considering the hectic atmosphere of the rest of the song, this represents a juxtaposition that is also present in the lyrics. “Out of the corner of his eye, / Saw a girl he really like and said, / Won’t you be my girlfriend?” cries the singer, a narrative that soon turns sour as he realizes this girl is incredibly unsavory. The music and lyrics gradually become a bit more spiteful together, leaving behind that harmonious, gentle guitar riff from the intro. 

The pre-chorus and chorus ar where the singer’s chops really take the stage. His upper range is drowning in this angsty rasp as he flips through several runs. The notes he reaches for almost defy gravity, but he manages to sound clear and natural throughout the performance. It’s easy to love a vocalist like this because the lyrics feel a bit more real and urgent. It’s raw, not over-produced, and honestly impressive. 

If you live for the intensity of a pop-rock anthem, “She Always Ruins A Good Time” could satiate that craving. Nothing but a Nightmare continues to release energetic, nostalgic, and satisfying songs that take this new wave of rock music by the horns. 

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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