“Cigarette” by Nakele

“Cigarette” by Nakele is a track that utilizes modern electronic production to its absolute peak performance. Not only is the song itself naturally catchy, but the moments Nakele is able to achieve with different textures, dynamics, and sound design are electrifying. This is the kind of song you hear out in public and immediately save to your phone. It’s got memorability, draw, and undeniable staying power.

The first order of business has to be the vocal editing. There’s so much to unpack about the way these vocals sound. They’re quite generously autotuned, a sound that fits the track itself and also adds an element of coolness. Harmonies often pile in, especially for the chorus, which almost has a vocoder sort of effect–and everyone knows that any song that utilizes a vocoder feels devilishly decadent and infectious. Sometimes, different layers of the vocal are pitched down, adding fullness to the mix and also maintaining the constant textural interest of the song. These are things that normally, a listener might not be conscious of, but that make a world of difference when it comes to the perceived creativity, uniqueness, and overall enjoyability of a track.

The melody of the chorus is also a huge factor in making this song so great. Each phrase begins with a high-pitched, two-syllable motif, followed by a quickfire, mid-range melody. The note choice, combined with the effortlessly in-the-pocket rhythm, brings about this unrivaled catchiness. If you love pop music, especially of the slightly experimental variety, you will adore this tune. Be sure to give Nakele a listen, a like, and a follow.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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