Review & Interview: “Here Again” by Chloe Copoloff

“Here Again” by Chloe Copoloff boasts tearful lyrics, effective chords, and climactic production. As you listen to this highly literal, raw narrative, you’ll be met with a plethora of instruments, all of which serve different textural purposes—pianos that highlight intimate moments, guitars that heighten the intensity and urgency of certain phrases, and occasional drum fills transitioning you smoothly from section to section. It’s a song with an immense amount of heart, and an obvious display of writing and production skills.

It begins with a swell of piano and anticipatory strings, then suddenly Chloe sings, “I’ve got a calendar on the wall in my kitchen / Where I cross off the days where I wanted to call, but I didn’t.” This line is rife with imagery and mood-setting concepts. We can already sense the strife with which she regards this relationship–both with longing and the knowledge that her longing shouldn’t be heeded. It’s a position many listeners have probably been in before, which makes this song all-too-relatable.

As we shift into the pre-chorus, harmonies envelop the sound with this lush vibrancy. This newfound fullness serves as the perfect foundation for the chorus, which gives us a catchy melody, thematic lyrics, and simple accompaniment. This, however, isn’t indicative of the choruses to come. Later on, this section teems with electric guitars, booming toms, and spacy synths. The build that this song delivers is ultimately super gratifying.

Be sure to give Chloe Copoloff a listen, especially if you’re looking for something that’s just genuinely well-written and well-produced. You won’t be disappointed!

Q&A with Chloe Copoloff

Q: Was there a pivotal moment in your life when you decided to follow your path as a musician?

CHLOE: Yes and no. I’ve been writing songs since before I could spell, literally for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I was the girl with the guitar, often performing at open mics and school talent shows. Songwriting was my coping mechanism.

When it became time to apply to colleges, I only applied to schools that had songwriting as a major. My mom always wanted me to go to school for psychology, another one of my interests. But, I think to all of our surprise, I ended up getting accepted to the Berklee College of Music, and that’s when I committed to the path of becoming a professional musician. I’m so grateful to have had the support of my family behind me.

Q: In your own words, how would you describe the music that you typically create?

CHLOE: I would describe the music that I typically create for my artist project as honest, vulnerable, and unfiltered. My hope is that my music helps others feel less alone in whatever they might be going through.

Q: How has studying at Berklee College of Music made an impact on your music career?

CHLOE: I would not be the songwriter I am today if it wasn’t for my experience at Berklee. I was surrounded by so much unbelievable talent. I always say that I never want to be the best writer in the room, because I constantly want to grow and improve at my craft. In school, when co-writing songs for classes, this was often the case. It pushed me to become a better writer and collaborator. 

Q: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take one song or album to listen to, what would it be?

CHLOE: Hmm this is a hard one. At the moment it would be Evermore (the deluxe version) by Taylor Swift. This album is so incredibly well-written, intricate, and interesting. Even though I’ve listened to every song dozens of times, I still discover new lyrics and meanings every time I do. I also love how the record is produced. 

Q: I see that you also write for other musical artists. What do you like about writing music for others vs. your own projects?

CHLOE: I absolutely love writing for other artists. Maybe this comes from my interest in psychology or years of going to therapy, but I love hearing people’s stories and life experiences. I think because I open up and am able to be vulnerable quickly, it allows the artist in the room to do the same. I want them to love the song we write, and feel connected to it. 

Q: What is coming up next for you?

CHLOE: I’m continuing to work on my music and writing for others, and planning on releasing my second single in the new year.

Reviewed & Interviewed by Alyce Lindberg





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