“Moments” by Lucid Evolution

Lucid Evolution is the modern equivalent of a psychedelic jam band. “Moments” is quite literally bursting with wah-drenched guitar solos and spacy, reverb-y vocals. It creates this fascinating mood by combining the pumped-up atmosphere of a guitar solo with the laid-back vibe of a dreamy vocal line. If you love 70s music, this band could be for you. They’re a lovely call-back to a style of music not too frequently replicated these days.

This track starts with a constantly thudding bassline, a wash of synth, and some bright, rhythmic bongos. The vocalist chimes in with the line: “Moments / We’re just moments,” which recurs several more times during the song. In between these vocal musings, we get these crunchy, fast-paced, pentatonic guitar solos. The guitarist demonstrates fantastic agility and phrasing each time without necessarily overplaying. The drums hit a peak at these junctures, spelling out the same rhythm, but utilizing different sounds, most notably the ride.

Solos end and vocals reappear, sometimes simply whispering single syllables. The drums dribble slowly into half-time and chords wash through almost arhythmically. At every turn, this song serves up a different feel but maintains the integrity of its overall effect. By the end, you end up with this funky, dream-like experience.

Be sure to check out “Moments!” Lucid Evolution has a lot of great music to consume, and there’s surely more where that came from. So–if you like what you hear, give them a follow as well. You won’t regret supporting this creative, unique group!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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