“Life In 3” by Strangely Alright

Fun fact: Tacoma is known for its glass art and a vibrant urban coret that’s rich in culture. Deep within that culture comes band that is on the oddly…strange. Strangely Alright is a five piece band that will make you hear music differently and in the best way. If you base them purely on looks, you know you’re in for a good time. Strangely Alright consists of vocalist, keys player and ringmaster Regan Lane, he is accompanied by guitarist and vocalist Sean Van Dommelen, bassist Ken Schaff, Jason Blair on drums and keys/vocalist Raymond Hayden.

Recorded at Pacific Studios Tacoma, WA Produced by: Regan Lane and Jason Bair and Mark Simmons Engineered: Mark Simmons and Mason Mastered by Todd Ensminger@ The Hit Chamber

“Life In 3” is a semi recent release from the group. It’s slow and melodic and almost immediately puts you in this trance that you can’t see to escape. This track makes you feel emotional and a bit sad but it’s cathartic and irresistable. The moment when it’s just the guitar and it’s just you and your thoughts, it makes you start to wonder. “Life In 3” is about being lost and the hope to find the life you deserve.

It’s no surprise that “Life In 3” is one of their most popular songs, this track is meaningful and powerful and makes you feel many things. They’ve written a four song arc that leans into the fact that death is getting closer, so you might as well live and be better while you can. Hearing things like that make you want to be the best you, you can be. Don’t be the only one to miss out on “Life In 3”.

We are the Eclectic Psychedelic Minstrel Magic Mushroom Music Show! Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!! -Regan Lane/ Lead Singer and Cat Herder

Written by Jayé Maverick
Photo credits: Bill Bunguard




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