“Depression” by Dax is a perfect example of a song that communicates an important, uplifting message without coming across as cheesy. With elegant poeticism, Dax emphasizes the importance of recognizing mental health and doing what you can to overcome your struggles. It also doesn’t hurt that this song has an effortlessly catchy hook and a well-produced beat bolstering the message.

The song starts with a soft, sentimental guitar riff. Some simple electronic drums fall in as the chorus begins, “I can’t find myself, / I get lost inside my brain.” Putting the most recognizable part of your song first can be a great tool for solidifying catchiness and familiarity. It does wonders in this song because the verses are quite content-heavy (not without reason).

Speaking of the verses, this is where we receive most of the detailed information. Dax describes specific struggles, coping mechanisms, and thought processes with not only meaningful vocabulary, but excellent rhythmic integrity. Anyone who writes music knows that it’s difficult to formulate word-heavy melodies. It takes more than just rhyme and rhythm–it takes a natural control of language, meticulous placement of vowels and consonants, and a serious feel for where word emphasis should fall. Dax passes all of these tests with flying colors. The verses pack in a colossal amount of narrative in a short amount of time.

If this sounds at all appealing to you, be sure to give Dax a listen! “Depression” also comes with an incredibly well-made music video, so check that out while you’re at it.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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