Review & Interview: “Fragile Heart” by Sophia Bavishi

“Fragile Heart” by Sophia Bavishi is unabashedly, gloriously pop. Overflowing with the catchy melodies, flashy production tricks, and polished vocals you expect from a great pop song, this track delivers a dance-able, relatable, and frisky mood. The songwriting itself also excels in melody choice and lyricism, both of which feel wonderfully intuitive.

We’re greeted in the intro by a minor, dramatic synth melody and a counter-rhythm made up of some distant shouts. A bright, percussive swell propels us into the verse, at which point Sophia croons, “I’m in your head in vivid color.” This line creates a dazzling image without giving too much specificity, a strategy that keeps the listener hanging on her every word.

The pre-chorus melody abruptly changes, cascading from a high note in the form of a rhythmic arpeggio. This sudden switch not only makes the arc of the song more interesting but prepares us for the bombastic nature of the chorus. “I should’ve known that,” Sophia cries, as a bright orchestra hit welcomes a slew of new instrumentation. Deep synths buzz and others pulse gently through the background. The drums accent certain words or divisions of the beat with crisp cymbal sounds. Harmonies melt behind the lead vocal subtly. As Sophia utters the hook, all of this fades away into another verse.

If you’re interested in hearing more (namely a broken-down, quietly intense bridge), you should definitely give “Fragile Heart” a listen! There are a lot of lovely little intricacies to grasp onto. You’ll leave with a clear picture of her artistry, skill, and personality!

Q&A with Sophia Bavishi

Q: Your sound is so powerful, clear, and identifiable. Who are your biggest influences?

SOPHIA: One of my earliest influences was Lady Gaga and her music. Her overall sound is so engaging and welcoming, and I love the way she expresses her emotions through her lyrics and powerful melodies. I also look up to Carole King as a singer/songwriter. Her story inspired me to become a songwriter, and seeing the constant effort that she put in to get to where she is now continues to motivate me today. I have also been very inspired by Beth Gibbons from the band Portishead. Gibbons’ stylized voice and lyric choices are unlike anything else out there right now. Being a female in this industry is not easy and these women are all examples of strong, confident, and persevering singer/songwriters. And very much something that I aspire to be.

Q: What has been one of the highlights of your music career so far?

SOPHIA: One of my biggest highlights of my music career has been releasing music. If someone were to tell six-year-old me that 22-year-old me is a real musician with released songs, I never would have believed her. Sharing music out into the world is such a vulnerable thing to do, and the fact that I have a total of six songs released is a huge accomplishment for me.

Q: How is the music scene in Phoenix?

SOPHIA: The music scene in Phoenix is everything and anything. Phoenix is a city with some of the best venues for music, and honestly, there’s a venue for almost every type of musician to perform. There are endless amounts of performance opportunities here in Phoenix. I started gigging when I moved closer to downtown Phoenix my junior year of college, and it’s opened my eyes to so many types of music, new connections, and new friends. Not many cities have as big of a live performance scene, and I feel so lucky to have that opportunity. It has allowed me to grow so much as an artist, and it constantly reminds me why I love performing so much. 

Q: What do you do when you AREN’T working on music?

SOPHIA: I love to spend time working out and going on hikes. Exercising has been a huge outlet for me when I feel I may be getting burnt out creatively or just overwhelmed. It’s so important to take breaks from music sometimes, because it allows me to refocus and regroup. If I am only working on music 24/7, I get drained and not as creative.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of the musical process? Writing? Performing? Recording?

SOPHIA: This was such a hard question! I love every aspect of the musical process; however, if I had to choose, my absolute favorite part would be the performing. I have always been a performer at heart, and I love to sing. I love getting to share a piece of me with the audience while I perform, and live performing is such a vulnerable, yet rewarding thing. When I perform my songs live, I perform them on the Ableton Push 2. I recreate the track and live loop/perform the song. Performing is where I feel the most confident and at home.

Q: What would you like to say to your fans out there?

SOPHIA: I want to tell my fans how much I appreciate them. The fact that there are people who want to listen to my music means so much to me. I write for me, but I also write for them–and hope that they can take something away from my songs. Music is such a personal and intimate way of communicating with people, and to everyone who listens to my music–you are the best. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Reviewed & Interviewed by Alyce Lindberg





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