“Winners” by Estella Dawn

“Winners” by Estella Dawn is the kind of song that allows you to experience a momentary power trip. Sometimes, in this mundane life, it feels good to feel in control, impressive, or authoritative. This song will make you feel all those things and more. Estella’s vibrantly dynamic vocals paired with an eccentric production style elevate “Winners” from a retro, soulful pop track to something truly immersive, interesting, and undeniably creative.

The intro sports this minor, electronically produced bass and guitar riff. The sound is almost reminiscent of those 1980’s electronic keyboards that attempted to replicate live instruments. It’s curiously satisfying to listen to–as it’s difficult to make this kind of keyboard sound work without coming across as corny. It doesn’t sound corny though. It sounds effortlessly groovy and inviting. The riff continues into the verse, casually chugging along as Estella croons, “I’m not going to bleed if I don’t have to / Self-preservation is the seed I sow.” Her vocals are clear, warm, and masterful. As harmonies spill over her lead line, the track takes on an organic texture. Estella’s voice breathes life into the electronic accompaniment.

Continuously, her vocals ornament this song with interest. She sprinkles in whistle tones, raspy, growled phrases, and smooth melismas. With a singer that’s so clearly imbued with talent, it’s a little more fun to digest the irreverent lyrics. What’s not to love about someone with a sultry voice telling you you’re allowed to put yourself first? Not to mention, the songwriting gracefully uses chords and words to build a feeling and effectively, an atmosphere.

This is a song well-suited for pretty much any music lover. So, be sure to check out Estella Dawn! You won’t be disappointed.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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