“Astrogirl” by ibbi Too Vicious

“Astrogirl” by ibbi Too Vicious sincerely has it all–a catchy melody, a production style oozing with coolness, and a relatable, mildly angsty set of lyrics. This song, at its core, is an indie rock tune. However, with modern pop and trap elements scattered throughout, it becomes something entirely different. Especially when paired with the visually enticing music video, this track will make you fall in love with ibbi Too Vicious.

It starts off with a rumbling bass and a melancholy, distorted guitar chord. The drummer counts the band in, and suddenly, a little lead guitar melody peeks through, as well as a steady beat. The singer comes in over this sparse instrumentation crooning, “You think that you know me / I promise you don’t.” A guitar melody performs a call-and-response between his phrases, adding a fun little contrast. The more he sings, the more vocal effects pile on–autotune and copious vocal layers wash over the sound. The singer’s unique timbre still shines through though, maintaining a sense of authenticity and relatability. 

As the song continues, the listener continues the revel in the pristinely edgy atmosphere. Different melodies traverse different sections, sometimes challenging traditional song form and sometimes sliding right into a familiar shape. It, undoubtedly, stays interesting, unique, and spellbinding throughout the whole piece. 

Make sure you check out ibbi Too Vicious, because not only is “Astrogirl” a hit, but this artist has a history of producing stand-out tracks. If you’re looking for the whole experience, there’s a music video to go with this song as well. It’s super well done, and a fascinating complement to the music. 

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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