“Night Call” by Ali Rice

“Night Call” by Ali Rice uses every tool in the book to get at your emotions. The chords are sweetly sentimental. The lyrics are personal and relatable. His performance feels organic. There’s absolutely no room for criticism. If you love good music, you’ll love this. It’s just that universally enjoyable.

The acoustic at the beginning plays these shimmery major-nine chords. You can tell it’s doubled because of how full the sound is. With each chord change, you still get the same amount of sparkly complexity, leading us gently into the verse. “Two people with ambition / Looking slightly misty-eyed,” Ali softly sings. The melody is inviting. It isn’t rudimentary though–it maintains an interesting arc throughout. A piano enters halfway through, allowing this incredible warmth to seep into the cracks of the mix.

The first chorus stays at this stripped-down level. By the second verse, however, the drums trickle in to give us a more driven sound. The second chorus welcomes a pulsing synth bass and a splash of harmonies. Here we get more of that Young the Giant-like, soft indie atmosphere. It really feels like the song has come into its own in a way, fulfilling the inevitable ambiance that the earlier sections implied. Ali belts a parting note as the song dives into a high-energy guitar solo. This solo culminates in a similar-feeling bridge, which melts into the outro of the song.

There’s no denying this is a fantastic track. Go ahead and give Ali Rice a listen, a follow, and a share!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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