“Linklater” by Bill Diver’s Passionproject

“Linklater” by Bill Diver’s Passionproject is this lawless, textural masterpiece characterized by a droning, spoken vocal and a jumble of frenetic motifs. Sometimes, as a musician, it’s easy to become a bit formulaic in the ways you create music. This track is not a product of that mindset. “Linklater” is drenched in imagination, out-of-the-box thinking, and pure curiosity. It’s clear Bill Diver didn’t create this to satisfy the masses–he created it with honesty and fervor, and that is what gives art its value.

An electric guitar opens the track with a few bright, rhythmic strums. A covered, distant drum groove adds a bit of structure just before the vocals come in: “While the real people bloody their feet, / He wrestles his friends for the right to his keys.” The line is musical yet spoken, layered with doubles that are panned at varying levels to each ear. It makes you feel like you’re in a room full of people all chanting the lyrics. It’s a super interesting sensation. The lyrics themselves spell out an already pretty detailed narrative, and they definitely continue in this manner. It’s a writing style that fits well with the indie rock ambiance, and also provides a rather pleasantly unusual listening experience.

Chord-wise, we get a slew of punky, non-diatonic choices that remain pretty repetitive. The repetition makes the off-kilter sound a bit more digestible but maintains the creative vision. Throughout the song, the instrumentation varies. We almost always hear a guitar, but sometimes synths, background vocals, and percussive elements crowd into the mix. Overall, this track has a really poignant effect. It’s got elements of Alex G, Carseat Headrest, and even a bit of broadly 80s alternative. If you’re a fan of indie or post-punk, Bill Diver’s Passionproject could be the ideal artist for you!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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