“Sugar Stained” by Geena Gangi

“Sugar Stained” by Geena Gangi is a song you’ve got to listen to with headphones on. The deep, layered production value will transport you to another universe. Not to mention, the vocals have the ideal clear, sultry feel of a hit pop song. If you like good songwriting with layers of genius production, this song is for you.

The beginning incorporates this thudding, warm synth arpeggio, ornamented by a few whispered vocal runs. “You were so sweet to me / Love tasted like cherries,” Geena sings, as a few snaps carry the beat. The verse thrives over the minimal instrumentation, then the pre-chorus brings a small uptick in fullness. A fuzzy synth pulses, utilizing a lot of dramatic, hard cuts. This escalates as the chorus approaches. Here, we get laser-like sound effects, booming bass, and vibrant electronic drums. Geena’s lyrics drive the saccharine metaphor home with references to popsicles and sweet nothings. Every aspect of this track complements this message, radiating bittersweetness and cheeky irreverence.

Other things this song has to offer include devilishly synchronous harmonies, gorgeously layered vocal samples, and a delightful, satisfying ending. If you consider yourself a fan of pop music, especially if you’re interested in sound design, you should definitely check out “Sugar Stained.” Genna Gangi delivers a sublime, convincing performance. You should also watch the music video while you’re at it! It’s got some really enjoyable visuals to accompany the mood of the song. Be sure to give Geena a like and a follow! You won’t be disappointed!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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