“All We Got” by LOVETA

“All We Got” by LOVETA is one of those songs that so perfectly showcases the artist’s natural talent, it’s hard to make any commentary on it. Her clear, warm, and acrobatic vocal performance complements the effortless, disco-like pop groove like it was meant to be. So, if you’re one of those people that just loves a well-written, well-produced, well-delivered track regardless of genre, “All We Got” will be your next favorite song.

We’re greeted by a ghost-note-heavy acoustic guitar at the beginning, which implies an intrinsic funkiness. LOVETA comes in crooning, “Yeah, I know you found me / Dancing in the dark,” with her sultry, organic timbre. The verse cascades through a classic set of chords overlaid with a well-suited melody. Halfway through, bass and drums pile in to build the dynamic and heighten the anticipation for the chorus.

Our anticipation melts as a wah-drenched electric guitar signals the beginning of the climactic hook. The melody takes on a catchy, repetitive arc. Harmonies fill in, giving the mix a full, dramatic sound. As the song continues, the chorus gains more layers, thusly it gains more excitement. For instance, the last chorus includes a low-pitched guitar motif and several melisma-driven vocal ad-libs. All of this comes together to not only make this song musically and lyrically sound, but to give it a magnetic, gratifying quality.

Be sure to check out LOVETA! Her music checks all of the boxes necessary to be a hit pop artist. You won’t regret falling in love with her creative style and brilliant artistry!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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