“alone again.” by T3agray

“alone again.” by T3agray is a uniquely modernized emo-rock masterpiece. Sprinkled with catchy melodies, heavy instrumentation and lyricism, and some experimental production aspects, this track creates an atmosphere unlike any song you’ve heard before. It manages to take a quasi-retro genre and inject it with relevance and effortless coolness.

The song begins with a Deftones-esque clean guitar, with some tastefully detuned notes and sentimental chords. Not too long after the start though, we plunge into the chorus. Heavily distorted power chords bleed into the mix as T3agray cries, “Alone again, alone again,” with a deep, warm tone. A crash-heavy drum groove drives the song forward into a spacy verse. The energy suddenly melts, leaving reverb-y guitars and a dreamier melody. The vocals are, without a doubt, the most imaginative aspect of this section. The effects that engulf T3agray’s voice, namely reverb, echo, and chorus, interplay in such a way that it doesn’t sound traditional. There’s a sense of inventiveness sewn into the sound of this song.

We have to acknowledge T3agray’s delivery and performance as well. His singing ranges from soft and intimate to fierce and belted. He whispers and yells, constantly changing the volume, tone, and timbre of his voice to serve the music or the lyrics. His discernment when it comes to the use of his voice is keen. Everything he does is perfectly intentional.

If you’re a fan of pop-punk and/or artistic reimaginings of pop-punk, this track is for you. Be sure to give T3agray is listen, a like, and a follow.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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