Sometimes, the stars align to create something effortlessly delightful. Subtle production tricks, organic vocals, vibrant musicianship, and cathartic lyricism seamlessly blend in Hazel’s “NoMore” to a gratifying end. There are two competing feelings woven into this track: heartbreak and nonchalant indifference. Anyone who has ever had to pretend not to care while they’re inwardly devastated will immediately relate to this track. It’s clever. It’s moving. It’s brilliant.

“I pace around my small apartment / Wondering if you would call,” Hazel utters with this warm, inviting tone. Her voice is rather conversational. You can hear the little idiosyncrasies and eccentricities in her timbre. An electric guitar casually strums through a wall of chorus and reverb, laying out an effective chord progression. About halfway through this verse, a driving drum groove sets in, and a unique flourish of background vocals thickens the texture.

The chorus comes with a rush of bass and vocal doubles. The melody becomes catchier, and the lyrics more direct. “Tell me you cared that you failed / ‘Cause I can’t anymore,” she cries, an honest spill of emotion that negates any hesitancy or fear. It’s poignant in the way a chorus should be. You’re left with this aching feeling as you traverse the rest of the song, which continues to get better and better with each moment.

If you like indie pop music, there’s no doubt you’ll like Hazel. She embodies everything great about the genre, but with her own distinct style. Be sure to give her a listen and some love on social media!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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