“The End” by MYND PALACE

“The End” by MYND PALACE is your new favorite, angsty synth rock song. With a dynamic vocalist and a wash of dreamy keyboard sounds, it harnesses this delightful melodrama ideal for a cathartic nighttime drive. So, strap in and get ready for a beautifully executed track.

We’re invited into the piece with a synth swell, closely followed by the verse lyrics: “Time keeps running / But I’m stuck and standing still.” The chords underneath remain pretty diatonic, but carry an edgy modality to them. As guitar and drums trickle in, the energy heightens, and we’re suddenly thrust into the chorus.

Harmonies envelop the melody, which is now infectiously catchy due to the new arc and lyrical repetition. Drums thump frenetically in the background as two synths take up most of the sonic space–one that’s deep yet bright and pulses with the beat, and another fuzzy one that warms up the sound. As soon as the last word of the chorus is uttered, we’re left with some looping vocal samples. It’s an interesting effect, leaving the listener with a unique production aspect to grasp onto after this gratifyingly climactic chorus.

If you keep listening through this track, the most delightful thing you’ll hear is the singer’s ability to express emotion. Especially near the end, he really showcases some rasp and power that ornaments his lyrics with extra urgency. It’s always important that a singer knows how best to suit the shape of the song with dynamics and timbre. The vocalist of MYND PALACE achieves this and more. If any of this sounds like it might be up your alley, be sure to give this group a listen, a like, and a follow!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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