“Our Good Name” by Tyler Elden

“Our Good Name” by Tyler Elden is quite a unique modern rock track. Brimming with 90’s influence, this track is incredibly nostalgic. You’ll feel like you’re listening to The Smashing Pumpkins’ greatest hits. Even so, the modern production value makes sure it doesn’t feel outdated. For any grunge or psychedelic rock fan, this is exactly the kind of release you’ve been waiting for.

It begins with a steady drum beat and a cloud of ethereal electric guitars. They casually outline chords, blurring the line between a riff and a progression. This continues as the vocals come in, heavily chorused and layered. We don’t get to hear much of Tyler’s unique timbre yet, as this moment employs droves of effects, but it’s a fascinating texture all the same. Plus, it juxtaposes the organic nature of the coming verses.

Speaking of which, with a sweet, legato strum, the verse begins: “With selfish abandon / You never strain / For anyone else / Engulfed by your pain.” Tyler’s rasp and bright tone pierce through the mix and imbue the lyrics with this intentional, powerful realness. The guitars ebb and flow, creating small builds within the sections and highlighting certain moments with dynamic subtleties. The chorus arrives with a brand-new, surprising chord progression and some pleasantly held-out melodies. Each new section melodically complements the last perfectly, a sign of a naturally gifted songwriter. Tyler Elden excels in the field of crafting the perfect arc dynamically, instrumentally, and musically.

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Written by Alyce Lindberg





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