Baywud, Back to Life

“Back To Life” by Baywud

Los Angeles-based artist Baywud blesses listeners with his pleading song “Back to Life,” a track filled with soul and emotion. With rock, folk, and blues, Baywud creates this riveting song with so much appeal.

It’s evident in his vocals that he isn’t just singing the song, but he’s also feeling it — Baywud embodies the song — especially in the song where he’s pleading to be brought back to life. 

The most beautiful thing about “Back to Life” is that Baywud wrote it as a fight song to himself despite being consumed by depression and anxiety. In other words, Baywud chooses life and pleads to be brought back, which few people do with dark mindsets. 

“I’ve struggled on and off with depression and anxiety throughout my life, and with depression, you feel like a ‘dead man walking’, in a sense. It can be very debilitating,” Baywud said. 

It’s incredible how Baywud made the song sound spiritual because it shows he reached into his heart and soul to produce this masterpiece. And not only did he create a fantastic track, but he created a fight song for others who struggle with anxiety and depression or are in dark places in their lives and feel like they don’t have the energy to turn things for the better.

I love how the lyrics emphasize how deep he was in depression, so the desperation is heard when the chorus hits and he’s pleading to be brought back to life.

“I was born with chains around my heart / A prisoner of my own mind / Maybe I was crazy from the start / An enemy of my own kind.”

Like Kahlil Gibran said, “Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.” I firmly believe that “Back to Life” can bring light to other people searching for it. 

It’s not easy for musicians to put anything personal out to the public, but in doing so, it’s helping numerous people.

Overall, “Back to Life” is a genius piece, and there’s no doubt many will connect to it. Don’t hesitate to listen to it on all streaming platforms!

Written by Taylor Berry

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