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“August Rain” by Urban Walrus

I find it unbelievably hysterical that people — upon listening to anything like soft rock, indie rock, or indie pop — want to get in their cars and go for a sunset drive or sip a cup of bitter tea while reading an Emily Brontë written work. And if that’s what you want to do, by all means, go ahead.

Hell, do that while listening to “August Rain” by Urban Walrus. However, sometimes you just have to sit still and embrace the lyrics. That’s what I did with “August Rain,” and, to my surprise, a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders.

Here’s a generic statement: “August Rain” is about life. And it is only the perfect reminder we need to remember that life comes with hardships, pain, changes, uncertainty, and eventually, death. Sometimes we go through trials and tribulations and convince ourselves that we’re the only ones going through it, yet, thanks to musicians like Urban Walrus, that whole notion is shut down. 

The beauty of life is that billions of people in this world go through rough patches — not at the same time — it’s not just one person taking all of life’s hits. Another beautiful thing about life is that there are different seasons, days of the week, months, and years, which means there will always be opportunities for us to start with a fresh and clean slate. That doesn’t mean our problems will disappear, but we can develop a new mindset. So, that anger, sadness, loneliness, etc., it’s only temporary.

“August rain will wash it all away / all the tears and pain / August rain takes it down the drain / nothing will remain.”

“August Rain,” although somber, it’s a pleasant song to listen to. I love that Urban Walrus focused on the vocals and lyrics; the instrumentals don’t overpower these two.

You can find it on all music streaming platforms. You can also follow Urban Walrus on his socials.

Written by Taylor Berry





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