“Phantom Limbs” by Secret Lung

Secret Lung is a band that knows what they’re doing. Their track, “Phantom Limbs” is one of the most energetic, dynamically gratifying songs you’ll ever hear. With the melancholic dramaticism of a My Chemical Romance song and the dance-able, modern feel of a WALK THE MOON song, this one is bound to satisfy pretty much any young rock consumer. Not to mention, the musicianship and songwriting are top-tier. You’ll hear a few head-turning chords and delightfully complex rhythmic moments.

The song begins with a boisterous combination of distorted power chords and crash-heavy drums. It’s got this fast-moving punk element to it so far. The drums calm down a bit for the verse, which has this highly syncopated groove. “I can’t stand to hear your voice any longer / The sound always brings back too much pain,” the singer cries, pushed through a strong, bright chest voice. The moment the pre-chorus begins, those raucous drums return and the lyrics get a bit more spiteful. Harmonized guitar riffs give the background a bit of color. Harmonies and some vibrantly modal chords characterize the chorus, giving us the anthemic, theatrical rock moment we’ve been waiting for. It’s climactic. It’s energetic. It’s everything you could’ve asked for from a good chorus.

Be sure to give Secret Lung a listen and a follow on your favorite streaming service or social media platform! Their artistry honestly speaks for itself through the incredibly effective atmosphere of “Phantom Limbs.” You won’t find a more frenetic, unique band on the scene today.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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