“Wake Up Call” by Mary Ann

Sometimes life will give us a wake-up call reminding us that we need to make a change in our lives before it is too late. This can come to us in the form of an unexpected health issue, a job loss, or the end of a serious relationship. Singer-songwriter Mary Ann addresses this subject matter in her song“Wake Up Call.”

“Wake Up Call” commences with an intense introduction from the synthesizer, creating a dramatic whirring sound, leading up to the vocals of Mary Ann. The instrumentation in the first verse is relatively calm as the guitar is emoting a soft, gentle riff. The composition gradually unfolds as backing vocals make an appearance in the chorus and the guitar becomes more aggressive in sound. Mary Ann’s vocals are dark and heavy, yet they emote so much emotion. Her emotions can be heard through her lyrics as she delivers some heartfelt honesty to an undisclosed individual. “You can’t buy the light/You can’t buy your passage.” A layer of suspense is created as the drums and guitar briefly drop out and the sound of a man’s voice appears in the background. The keyboard is introduced in the second verse and it delivers a haunting, rhythmic performance. Another change in the song’s dynamics occurs towards the end of the song as the drums briefly drop out, leading up to the climax of the song. The song ends with Mary Ann’s soaring vocals singing “Freedom! / This is your wake up call! / Unchain!” The final performance that Mary Ann delivers as she sings the word “call” is powerful and filled with such intense emotion.

Mary Ann is from Porto, Portugal and she is beginning to make a name for herself as a solo artist. Mary Ann’s music can be heard on various music streaming platforms.

Written by Brittany Jennings

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