“Tired Eyes” by Noshows

“Tired Eyes” by Noshows is a genuinely unadulterated good time. The song is great, but with the added whimsy of the production, it becomes a bonafide masterpiece. Pitched vocal samples and random bursts of distorted autotune grace this infectious piece, giving us a glimpse of the quirky personality of Noshows–and that’s what gives a band staying power–creating an endearing sound and image for their fans. This song does that and more.

The beginning is already awash with textures. Plucked strings, fuzzy bass, and distant backing vocals create a wall of sound, only to be eclipsed by the entrance of the chorus: “Find a place to rest your tired eyes / Find a time to rest your stressed-out mind.” The beat becomes frenetic. The vocals take on this chorused, layered atmosphere. We even get a drastically tuned vocal sample that flips through motifs in an unusual yet indulgently satisfying way. This chorus is just wild. You’re inherently obligated to move along to the beat.

We transition to the verse. Now, rhythmic vocal lines take over the sonic space. With every measure, it feels like there’s a new melody to latch on to, each with increasingly syllabic, percussive energy. Effects fade in and out with haste. We zoom to another chorus, another verse, a guitar solo–sections fly by until, at two minutes and fifty-one seconds, the bass slides down and the song cuts to silence.

If you’re in the mood for an upbeat and genuinely distinctive rock track, give “Tired Eyes” a listen. Noshows will doubtlessly leave you satisfied.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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