“Sober” by Alex Kate

Alex Kate is back with her new single “Sober” and it’s got an eye-opening sound that you must hear. This mixture of 80’s futuristic instrumentals, vocals, and electric vibrations is perfectly fit for Kate’s voice.

Sober” is addictive and timely and the main drop of the 2:35 track drives us listeners to another level and there’s no denying the fast pace makes us want to dance. Alex Kate carries an original sound from many genres that are similar to nostalgia pop, synth, and dreamy alternative pop.

Kate does the track justice by making it feel romantic, alive, and thrilling. “Sober” is fast, and fun, and makes listeners believe they are in this hot dreamy scene that ignites as the song continues on.

Sober” has an interesting tale attached to it, Alex states that one night while drinking with friends, the temptation was flowing but they withheld their urges and she told him “I want to kiss you when I’m sober.” And then they wrote this song together. Although they are friends now, it’s great they made this intimate track together.

“Where are we/ is it electricity/ or a fantasy?/ Going fast/ glasses empty/ can we actually see?” Alex gets vulnerable on this track as she embraces her feelings and wants to know if her emotions are pure.

Sober” is a great track for realizing that waiting can be a better experience and that it’s good to be clear-headed. Make sure you check out some of Alex’s latest releases (Lost In You) and (Don’t Hold Back). Follow Alex Kate to see what she’s up to next.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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