“Lily’s Game” by Jon McLeod

“Lily’s Game” by Jon McLeod fulfills that subtle desire we all have for music to feel genuine, private, intimate, and real. It’s so clear and beautiful, you can almost close your eyes and imagine the process of creating it. Jon McLeod’s writing is eloquent. His playing is gorgeous. His voice is unapologetically his own. You feel like the content he makes is an authentic representation of himself and his feelings. Thusly, we’re able to connect to it easily. Jon captures the core of why music is such a deliciously pure art form–it always puts the unique aspects of humanity on display.

An effervescent acoustic guitar riff welcomes us into the song. The chords hang on a few suspended, extension-laden arpeggios. “Lily’s game / You got caught in it,” Jon utters, a line that’s tangible enough to grasp onto, but vague enough to keep you invested in the coming words. The chord structure dives to an out-of-key moment, tingeing the once sweetly major atmosphere with a little mystery. Jon’s bright, tightly doubled vocals float over the mix with an almost whispered quality. The whole song pretty much consists of this set-up, with the exception of some added strings. This way, the focus remains on the words and the emotional gravity of the music itself. It’s not a song meant for dancing or even background music–it’s meant to be heeded and reflected on.

Be sure to give Jon McLeod some love on your choice of social media or streaming service! “Lily’s Game” is music for the music-lover. If that sounds like you, you’ll eat it up.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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