“Fever Dream” by SEGANA

“Fever Dreams” by SEGANA is the most unbridled, gloriously eighties track you’ll ever hear. Brimming with upbeat production and infectious melodies, its energy could rival any synth-pop track from the last forty years. It’s the kind of song you want to hear at a club–or better yet–performed live. It’s practically begging you to dance to it.

The soundscape of this song begins with the noises of a car shutting off, then a few spoken words. Already, we’re immersed. A synth riff suddenly explodes out of the white noise, accompanied by quick, frenetic drums. “Can’t turn around / ‘Cause I heard that they’re in town / Burning every red light down,” the singer chimes. The retro ambiance bleeds from the sprightly synths to the lyrics. His voice, however, has a distinctly modern affectation to it. That’s what makes the vintage influence feel fresh, cool, and creatively implemented.

The chorus hits, and we’re thrust into the most mind-bogglingly memorable melody. The key to a great pop song is that catchy, sing-along-able feeling that emanates from the vocal motifs, and SEGANA has just nailed it here. This’ll doubtlessly be stuck in your head for a long time afterward. Plus, those eighties-influenced themes continue to peek through the lyrics for a diverse, fascinating, and overall fun experience.

Be sure to stream and follow SEGANA! “Fever Dreams” is a brilliant display of this duo’s mastery of their craft, and a testament to their ability to repackage older sounds in a new and exciting way. You won’t find a pop song more worthy of your spring/summer playlist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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